Roba Boru

Roba Boru

“Roba Boru, a very bright student, attended Dandi Gudina School and became known for his academic ability and sense of humor, which was very much enjoyed by students as well as teachers. He was among the few lucky students who participated in GTF’s yearly English language improvement course known as ‘English Language Boot Camp (ELBC)’ organized with ANSO. At the ELBC, Roba demonstrated his exceptional English language skills. He then proceeded to join the Department of Medical Studies at Jimma University and graduated as a Health Officer (HO). Currently, he is serving as the Head of Metahara Health Office, his hometown, playing a leading role in all health-related efforts in the region. Roba takes a leading role in the campaign to eliminate malaria with the motto “Malaria elimination starts with me”, Kobo village of Fantalle. The campaign was part of the global endeavor to eliminate malaria (zero case by 2030) which Ethiopia has joined along many other countries of the world. Energetic, fluent in English and tech- savvy young leaders such as our very own Roba Boru are the new faces of the rapidly changing Ethiopia’s health sector. ”

Gudina Tumsa Foundation

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