Orientation workshop on HaLIAPO

Orientation workshop on HaLIAPO

Gudina Tumsa Foundation Hosts Orientation workshop on Healthcare and Livelihood Improvement Advocacy Project in Oromia

By: Yitbarek Tekalign

The Gudina Tumsa Foundation (GTF) conducted a comprehensive briefing on the Healthcare and Livelihood Improvement Advocacy Project in Oromia (HaLIAPO) at the Elilly International Hotel. The event highlighted GTF’s commitment to enhancing healthcare services and improving livelihoods in the Oromia National Region.

The HaLIAPO project, launched in January 2024 with financial support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, focuses on Health, Nutrition, Agriculture, Financial Inclusion, and Women’s Economic Empowerment. This two-year project marks a significant milestone for GTF as it begins incorporating policy advocacy into its multifaceted development efforts. The project is being implemented in collaboration with the Oromia National Regional Government.

Mrs. Lensa Gudina, Managing Director of GTF, emphasized the importance of the awareness meeting. “The purpose of this meeting is to create a favorable environment for stakeholders in the target sectors to thoroughly understand the project’s objectives and to contribute the necessary support,” she stated. The meeting included a briefing on the project’s progress so far and sector-specific group discussions aimed at strengthening feedback and cooperation for the project’s implementation.

Mrs. Lensa Gudina expressed her gratitude to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for its financial support. She also extended her thanks to the officials of the Oromia National Regional Government for enabling GTF to engage in advocacy work within the region. Additionally, she acknowledged the efforts of the Regional Advisors in facilitating the working relationship between GTF and the Oromia Regional Government structures.


Mr. Teshome Bula, the Project Manager, provided insightful details about the project’s objectives, strategies, and expected outcomes. He highlighted the critical components of HaLIAPO, emphasizing the integration of healthcare improvements with sustainable livelihood strategies to foster long-term benefits for the community. Mr. Teshome underscored the importance of collaborative efforts between local authorities, healthcare providers, and community members to ensure the successful implementation of HaLIAPO.

The event was well-attended by officials from various target government sectors. Participants engaged in lively discussions, expressing their support for the project and sharing valuable insights on how to maximize its impact. Leading the discussion and overseeing the workshop, Mr. Iyobed Yonas, Director of Programs at GTF, emphasized the importance of collaboration among relevant stakeholders. He highlighted that GTF will produce several research outputs to serve as a concrete basis for positive changes in the region. “If we join our hands, we will bring about significant changes,” Mr. Iyobed said. He also urged all stakeholder representatives to collaborate actively to ensure the project’s goals are achieved and ultimately benefit the people in the region.

With HaLIAPO, GTF aims to make significant strides in improving healthcare and livelihoods in Oromia, leveraging the power of advocacy to drive sustainable change. Through continued support and collaboration, the project aspires to create a healthier, more well-off future for the people of the region.

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