Livelihood Development Program

Livelihood Development Program

Our livelihood program focuses on increasing food security of communities where we work through increasing agricultural productivity, enhancing alternative means of income and improving the community’s climate change resilience capacity.

At the heart of GTF’s strategy to enhance the livelihood of the youth is changing the attitude, and improving skills and knowledge which are the fundamental keys to unlocking the potential of youth.

Currently, we are implementing two projects in the Dodola and Nansebo district of West Arsi Zone and Wachale district of North Shewa Zone.

Under the DoNa project alone GTF aims to benefit over 11, 838 youths through the promotion and creation of self-employment and entrepreneurship opportunities, provision of various vocational and life skills trainings, creating access and linkage to micro finance service providing institutions, and increasing youth participation in sustainable livelihoods.

We seek to promote sustainable livelihoods and enhance the capability of people to make a living and improve their quality of life without jeopardizing the livelihood options of others, either in the present or future. We also promote self-help groups, cooperatives and small and medium enterprises.

Key Statistics:

  • We are active in 12 Kebeles of the West Arsi Zone.
  • Formed 24 youth groups in to various livelihood options such as shops, cattle fattening, barber and etc.

In Wachale district of North Shewa Zone, we are working tirelessly to improve the quality of milk production, and market through capacity improvement of existing dairy cooperatives, the provision of dairy equipment’s and the investment in dairy processing, milk processing through technical and quality training to various cooperative and their members.

We have been engaging with various stakeholders on the fair and equitable share of milk and dairy products. We are taking a lead role in facilitating for the adoption of a dairy regulation policy on a country level.