Project Launching Workshop

Project Launching Workshop

The Gudina Tumsa Foundation (GTF) has officially launched its children and women focused project entitled “Bishoftu Integrated Children and Women Empowerment Project (BICWEP) at Pyramid Hotels and Resorts in Bishoftu. The official launching event which was delayed due to the unfavorable developments in the country brought together leaders from kebele administration and representatives from all concerned line offices including the mayor’s office, religious leaders, the Gudina Tumsa Foundation and Elnet Foundation founders and program staff members.
In her opening remarks, Mrs. Lensa Gudina, the Managing Director of Gudina Tumsa Foundation, expressed her gratitude for the participants of the workshop for their presence and continued support to make this project a success. Moreover, she also explained GTF’s humble beginnings from a small remote village of nomads, home to the Karrayyu Oromo, to the remarkable growth period of expanding its work to nine regional states of the country. This she said was accomplished with development approach that was rooted in the respect for the cultures and people while simultaneously ensuring active community participation by taking in to account the local needs of the marginalized communities that possess rich indigenous knowledge and wisdom that is worth preserving and documenting. She reiterated GTF’s commitment to serve those communities by using the best use of our time and called upon the participants to join our collaborative efforts to bring about a meaningful change in the lives of the people we serve in and around Bishoftu city.
The project is being implemented with the generous donation from ELNET Foundation which envisions ‘Life in Fulness for All.’ In her closing remarks, Elnet Foundation Founder, Mrs. Jessica Hedman, also expressed her joy to be at Bishoftu among a beautiful people and land not only as a donor but as a sister and coworker in this essential development endeavor. Furthermore, she called upon the participants to realize the immense responsibility we have on our hands as we all continue to advocate for the most marginalized and poorest of the poor communities living among us. She admonished the participants to be the custodians of vulnerable children wherever they live by taking in to consideration their dignity and self-worth which we cannot even estimate.
The workshop was concluded by a lively and engaging discussion in which the participants shared their valuable comments and agreed to do their part in the successful implementation of the project.
In addition to Bishoftu, the Gudina Tumsa Foundation (GTF) is actively carrying out its development work in places such as Sululta, Wachale (North Shewa), Laga-Tafo, Dodola and Nansabo distrcits of West Arsi Zone.


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