Dodola and Nansabo YEEP

Dodola and Nansabo YEEP

The Dodola and Nansabo districts of West Arsi Zone in Oromia. region have significant number of unemployed youths. In order to tackle this problem and in Dodola and Nansabo in particular, the Gudina Tumsa Foundation (GTF) together with its partners, is currently implementing a youth empowerment project called Dodola and Nansabo Youth Social and Economic Empowerment. The project targets 11,838 youths in Dodola and Nansabo districts organized. Through this project plans to assist the youth through creating employment opportunities, promoting self- employment and entrepreneurship. So far, GTF has conducted the identification of existing livelihood options, organized, certified and linked the groups to the Cooperative Bank of Oromia (CBO) for interest-free financing. Currently, eleven groups have received credit to start businesses in beef cattle and sheep fattening, commodity store, barber shop, and woodwork.


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