Community Based Cleaning Campaign.

Community Based Cleaning Campaign.

Under GTF’s I- WASH Sululta project a community based urban cleaning campaign was organized on October 09, 2021. Sululta, Addis Ababa’s nearest neighbor to the south, is one of the fastest growing towns in Oromia region in terms of population. As in every other town and cities confronting the rapid increase in urban population; the town has consequently seen the unprecedented volume of solid waste.In response to this problem, the Sululta town administration together with its residents have tried to introduce various solid waste disposal techniques to control this unpleasant situation. Despite these encouraging efforts huge amounts of waste are still being generated from residential, commercial, industrial and institutional areas making the town’s endeavors in the waste collection and disposal inadequate.Gudina Tumsa Foundation’s community based urban cleaning aims to improve the town’s poor solid waste management practices through increased community awareness, the identification of solid waste disposal (dumping) sites, monthly town cleaning campaigns, provision of waste collecting trucks and overall attention given to the benefits of maintaining a clean, and safe living environment.The cleaning campaign which was themed “a clean environment for a healthier community” brought over 463 participants from youth associations, volunteers, kebele and municipality employees, religious leaders, including the mayor of Sululta town together with GTF staff members. An estimated 60m3 of solid waste covering 2 kms of land were collected. In an extraordinary event that drew joyous cheers from the town residents two brand new solid waste collection trucks which cost around 1,553,669.34 ETB were delivered to the mayor of Sululta town. GTF’s Program Director, Mr Iyobed Yonas, noted that with the regular cleaning campaign and provision of the two trucks; GTF seeks to find sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions to the problem of solid waste in Sululta town.


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