Helping Needy School Children in Bishoftu

Helping Needy School Children in Bishoftu

It’s been over a year since the Gudina Tumsa Foundation (GTF) has started serving the communities in Bishoftu thorough our integrated approaches to development which mainly focuses on helping the deprived women and children. One of the biggest interventions so far has been in schools where our school feeding program brought huge relief to desperately needy families whose lives has been upended due to displacement and lack of job opportunities. The challenges facing students from such destitute family backgrounds, in particular are immense and need special attention if children are to benefit from their schooling.
To help these students; GTF has provided the essential school materials to thirty-five children from seven schools in Bishoftu. The lucky students received 5 pens, a pack of exercise book, a bag, a school uniform and a brand-new pair of shoes. The provision of these school materials was done with the cooperation of Bishoftu town Women and Children’s Affairs, respective school directors, teachers, parents and concerned line offices. There is nothing more pleasing to see than a smile on kids face and GTF continues to bring hope and encouragement to many struggling families in Bishoftu and other regions as well.


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